Today: March 27, 2021 6:44 am
by Kingdom Ministries
by Kingdom Ministries

Submitting Your Feelings to God

Do you ever struggle with sharing your honest feelings with God? Here are some practical tips to help you out.

TELL IT LIKE IT IS: Verbally admit the truth about how you really feel to God (see Psalm 109 for a good example)

BE HONEST: in admitting when your feelings, thoughts and experiences are not what they “should be” or are in conflict with God’s Word and will.

EXCHANGE YOUR “TRUTH” FOR HIS: After admitting your true feelings to God and acknowledging where they are inconsistent with God’s Word and will, exchange your “truth” with His Truth. For example:

Lord Jesus, I give you all these things I’m feeling and experiencing right now. I submit them to your dominion and claim the mind of Christ and the counsel and power of your Holy Spirit in order to know your truth and do your will. I exchange my thoughts and feelings for your truth. Even though I think and feel this way, I declare that your Word says and the truth is, ____________________. Because this is your truth and God’s Word I subject my feelings and perceptions of the truth to yours because you are the Sovereign Lord of all. And, in Jesus’ Name I command that all influences that have been inspired by the Evil One be bound and separate from my mind, body and emotions right now. I cancel all effects and influences of evil and send them away to the feet of Christ for judgment in Jesus’ Name. I now replace those influences with the presence and filling of God’s Holy Spirit to restore and enable me to know and live in the truth and carry out the will of God in Christ Jesus.

TELL A FRIEND OR COUNSELOR: Because we are created for relationships and are designed to function in dependence and cooperation with other parts of Christ’s body there are times we need to talk to another person about our feelings. Admit your ongoing feelings to someone you trust who will listen and not judge; who will acknowledge your feelings by simply accepting that you feel that way whether it’s warranted or not—someone who will just allow you to get it off your chest. Feelings may not reflect the truth but they do reflect what’s true about how a person is feeling and should be understood in that way. Sometimes a skilled counselor is needed to not only listen but to help you understand, manage, and resolve your feelings.

IF THEY PERSIST: it’s a good chance, and likely a 100% chance that they are rooted in something unresolved from your past. To explore that possibility ask someone to pray for you who will ask Jesus to reveal any root or unresolved issues that are at the source of your persistent feelings AND who will use Christ’s authority to expose any hidden influences at the root of your feelings. If you or they don’t know how to do this then it would be a good idea to sign up for the next Ministry Training Course at Kingdom Ministries and/or contact one of our counselors at Kingdom Counseling Center (559-226-2750).

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