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by Kingdom Ministries
by Kingdom Ministries

How to Effectively Renounce Something

Looking for a Biblical method to renounce something and receive freedom in Christ? Read on!

To renounce (2 Corinthians 4:2) means to disown, reject or cut-off and is a declaration that one no longer wants to have anything to do with what one has done, participated in or has had happen to them. It is also a declaration that one wants nothing to do with any effects or influences that may be affecting them or have come about as a result of having done, participated in, or have had happen to them. To renounce, verbally say something to the effect of:

In Regard to Lies

“In Jesus’ name, I renounce (reject) the lie that has influenced me to believe ______________ and I accept the Truth that comes from God which says _____________.” (continue and also cancel effects)

In regard to things participated in, experienced, or associated with:

In Jesus’ Name, I renounce (cut off) and completely separate from all spiritual influences associated with (or that have come through my involvement and association with ______________ (a particular sin committed or committed against one, acts of unrighteousness, believing a particular lie; sexual unions; traumatic experiences, forms of idolatry, evil influences through association with things or people, etc.) (continue and also cancel effects)

Canceling the effects of unrighteous acts, lies and their influence:

And, in Jesus’ name, I (we) cancel all effects and influences that came about through, or as a result of _______________, and send them away from me (him/her) and to Christ for His judgment.

In Jesus’ name we ask for, assert, and accept the healing power and presence of Christ for __________ ‘s complete restoration. Amen.

Declaring and Accepting God’s Truth

Following one’s act of renunciation (exhaling) it is important to accept (inhale) God’s truth by verbally declaring His truth and your agreement with it. Even though you have doubts and feelings to the contrary, simply be honest (truthful) about your reservations and feelings and admit them aloud to God. Then proceed to verbally declare His truth in acceptance of it because it is His truth. For example, you could declare something like:
Lord Jesus, this is hard to say because I don’t feel this way (and/or, have some doubts about it) but I admit that you are God and it is impossible for you to lie. Despite my feelings and doubts I accept ________ as your truth. Because you are God and this is how you see it I now accept your truth and submit to you as Lord.
Or, if the truth is readily recognized and received, you could state something like:
Lord Jesus, I accept your truth that ___________________________ despite my feelings, etc.

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