Today: March 7, 2023 2:24 pm
by Kingdom Ministries
by Kingdom Ministries

How to Test Something in a Group

Looking to test something for spiritual influences in a group? Here are some helpful practical tips.


Encourage and foster an atmosphere of safety where it’s okay to step out and share things for testing and discernment. I Thess. 5:17 suggests that we should not only test everything, but that we will need to separate and divide between those things that are of God and those things that are not.

When you want to present something to your team or group to test, it has been proven helpful (and less offensive) to begin with, “May I share something to test with the group?” rather than, “The Lord told me . . .” etc.

Be prepared and open for God to speak in different ways and through different people (I Cor. 12:7-11; 14:26

1. Submit
Lord, we submit our mind, will and emotions to your control. We exchange our understanding for yours and claim the mind of Christ and the counsel of your Holy Spirit; the One that you promised would lead us into all truth.

2. Resist
In Jesus’ Name, we also forbid any form of deception and confusion and now separate the truth from what is not true just as light is from darkness. We subject every power and any influence of evil to the Lord Jesus Christ. We demolish everything that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and His truth, or that would seek to hinder our communion with Jesus or one another, in Christ’s Name.

3. Request
Lord Jesus, we hold this (thought, feeling, image, experience, way of thinking, etc.) up to the light of your truth and now submit it to the counsel of the Holy Spirit. Lord, you know everyone’s heart; please show us your truth about _____________and lead us according to your will. We ask that you would also grant us counsel and wisdom in regard to what to do about it, in Jesus’ Name

4. Report
Ask those present to share or report, “what came to mind during prayer and testing?”
Test what is shared in the same manner as suggested above until you sense God’s peace, have a clear sense of direction or how to apply it, and recognize that it is consistent with God’s word, His will, and His nature.
Obey and act on what is discerned, being careful and diligent to steward and/or contend in prayer until it is fulfilled.

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