Today: March 20, 2021 2:06 am
by Kingdom Ministries
by Kingdom Ministries
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Who We Are


KINGDOM MINISTRIES, INC. Is a not-for-profit Christ-centered ministry that exists to train and mobilize the Body of Christ for:


By uniting and equipping bodies of believers to advance God’s Kingdom through
prayer and personal ministry to bring freedom and restoration to those in need
and fulfill God’s purpose in our churches, homes, local communities and in the
lives of others.


By providing teaching and practical tools for effective biblical prayer and the utilization of Christ’s authority to expose and resolve potential influences of evil that seek to hinder freedom and the advancement of God’s purpose in any life situation.


By introducing others to a lifestyle and ministry under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in dynamic union with His Body, the Church; to emulate the life and ministry of Jesus Christ—purposed to know and do the will of the Father, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live, minister, and advance God’s Kingdom.

Freedom & Restoration

By providing tools for personal freedom and restoration that enables oneself and others to fulfill the purpose for which they were created and gifted in Christ Jesus; providing a ‘team approach’ to ministry, corporate discernment, and a model for testing and resolving emotional and spiritual conflicts at their point of origin. 

Professional Counseling Services

In partnership with our Counseling Center, Kingdom Ministries

licensed professional counselors who integrate a spiritual and psychological approach toward resolving interpersonal and unresolved conflicts at their point of origin.  Kingdom Counseling Center exists to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit’s counsel to bring healing and restoration to wholeness through the transforming power of Christ.