Today: March 7, 2023 3:19 am
by Kingdom Ministries
by Kingdom Ministries

Dealing with Feelings & Taking Thoughts Captive

Acknowledging the Truth About our Feelings

Admitting the truth of what and how we feel is a critical step in getting resolution and freedom. After discovering the source of influences that contribute to one’s lack of freedom, it is important for the individual to audibly admit the truth about what God reveals to them, to verbalize how they feel about what they’ve done or what has been done to them, what they’ve experienced and how it’s affected them.

Discerning feelings and taking thoughts captive

When one becomes aware of a particular belief, feeling, or perception of an experience, or when the meaning of something a person perceives as true is in question, it is important to first identify and verbalize it. To know (admit and submit) to the Truth that leads to freedom, renews our minds, and enables us to live free, we must, as the Scriptures say, “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:3,4) Practically one can begin to do this by following the examples below to test those things that have come up in their minds through prayer:

Lord, I (we) bring this thought or feeling into the light of Your truth and now submit it to the counsel of Your Holy Spirit. Lord, please show me (or name of other) your Truth in regard to what I am (they are) thinking/feeling and reveal those things that may be unresolved so that I (they) may walk in your Truth and the freedom you have willed for me (them), in Jesus’ Name.”
“In the name of Christ, I declare the truth according to God’s word, which says…(even though I feel ________ or have not experienced this to be true in my life.”
“I recognize that I have believed a lie (or that my feelings, or ways of thinking is contrary to your truth and, in Jesus’ name, I renounce the lie or thought that…

When Feelings & Thoughts Remain Unresolved:

If you find yourself repeatedly having to take the same thoughts/feelings captive, it is quite likely that there are matters that still need to be resolved through interactive prayer in order to uncover the source an/or related memories. In the meantime it is important to suspend unresolved or unmanageable thoughts/feelings until there is an appropriate occasion for resolution. Consider the following example:

In Jesus’ name I submit my thoughts/feelings to the Lord Jesus Christ and assert His dominion over every part of my being—mind, body, and spirit. I appropriate God’s Truth and declare that I have the mind of Christ. In Jesus’ name I suspend every thought and feeling until the time God has appointed for healing. Lord Jesus, I call out to you and ask that you would replace my feelings or thoughts with your truth and now give you the right to manage my emotions according to your will. I surrender them to you and appropriate your covering of protection over every vulnerable part of my being. In Jesus’ name I forbid you Satan from having any part in my thoughts, emotions, and feelings and now cancel any effects or influence as a result of your influence.

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